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Customer reviews and satisfaction are extremly important to us
    Booked with Lambeth Cleaning for one-off cleaning two days ago. The team arrived yesterday and deep cleaned my house in a jiffy! And they did a great job for a cheap price! Remarkable service!  
Charles P.25/11/2016
     Cleaners Lambeth have always provided me with impeccable services - can't fault their cleaners in any way. And their rates are very reasonable as well.  
T. Patrick31/05/2016
    Lambeth Cleaning is a really good cleaning service to be associated with. I called them about doing a move-in cleaning and they were happy to fit me in. All I did was give them my address and access to it and they did a wonderful cleaning job by themselves. I didn't even have to supervise anything. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a decent and cheap cleaning company. They even work weekends, which is great news for most of us!  
Tyler H.18/02/2015
    It must be said that Lambeth Cleaning have put a huge amount of effort into getting my home very clean. I was dog sitting for several weeks, taking care of a friend's pet. But I never knew how much hair is likely to get everywhere. Even if he wasn't on the sofas, the upholstery was covered. I didn't really have any idea of how to deal with this so I thought the professionals might help. I was expecting a bit of a hoover down, but they've done such a good job that the furniture is better than it's ever been. Thanks.  
Meredith E.07/01/2015
    I was not sure I would be able to afford a house cleaning service but I spoke to Lambeth Cleaning and I was pleasantly surprised at their rates. I need the whole house clean from top to bottom every week and the cleaner they provided does exactly that, quickly and very well. I can't believe how clean the place looks after their visits and I have been recommending the service to my friends and family on a regular basis. A great, affordable cleaning service!  
Jimmy L.09/10/2014
    I run a small, but stylish bar with my boyfriend, and we do our best to keep it looking great. Though sometimes, we do need a little extra help. So if we're expecting a hectic week, or if we've just come off one, we hire a professional cleaning company. Lambeth Cleaning to be exact! After hiring their services once, it's hard me to even think about hiring a different company. They were cheap, but very effective - their cleaners impressed us the most! They were friendly, hard working and professional and take care of everything like clockwork. So to summarize; this company provided us with an easy to hire, affordable and dependable service. If that's what you want, give them a bash!  
Crystal G.29/08/2014
    Window cleaners are a strange bunch, I can't imagine it being much fun going form door to door and talking to random people in their houses, asking to clean their windows... It is for this reason that I use a company, rather than a stranger, as I feel like I can trust them better. Lambeth Cleaning are excellent with my windows, and have them looking lovely with ease. It takes no time for the cleaner to do the whole house, which suits me right down to the ground. The price is good, and I have no complaints.  
Janet Rogers31/07/2014
    I hired a cleaning service about three years ago and I thought they were great. That was until my friend hired Lambeth Cleaning and it made my house look like an amateur cleaned it. Since having hired my new cleaner, I've been getting nothing but compliments on how immaculate my home is. I couldn't be happier with the results. My cleaner is efficient, trust worthy and a pleasure to have around. I can't believe the difference in the quality and the price! Not only am I getting a much better service from her, but I'm actually saving money too!  
Paige R.16/07/2014
    We hate cleaning a flat we've rented at the end of a tenancy and several times we have ended up employing professional cleaning agents to do it all for us. It's awful having to clean out a filthy oven and scrub bathroom tiles when you are under time pressure to move. Having cleaners with professional gear to do it for you is well worth the investment. Lambeth Cleaning have helped us out of several sticky corners and they really do the job thoroughly and quickly, and can turn up at short notice if you are in a hurry. Our end of tenancy cleaning has always been done to a very high standard which is why I would recommend this cleaning company.  
Maxine J.30/06/2014
    I was looking for a trustworthy cleaning company to clean my office, and thanks to a colleague I was given the details of Lambeth Cleaning. The company was very professional and sent a staff member to access the work I wanted doing. I arranged a cleaning service three times a week, as I wanted the place to look good for my clients. The price I was quoted was reasonable and after my first service I was very happy with the results. The cleaners were friendly and didn't mess around and just got on with the work. It is great to have a workplace that always looks shiny and clean.  
Claire Hunt12/06/2014
    I was fed up with the weekly drag of cleaning, and wanted to pursue more interesting hobbies after working all week. Lambeth Cleaning were fantastic from the first contact. They discussed the packages available and the costs which I thought were good value. I booked a cleaning appointment and from then on have continued to hire them on a regular weekly basis. My home looks neat and tidy all of the time and when I have finished work I know I can do other things I want to do. Great work guys and thank you for giving me a great service.  
Rosie Powers26/05/2014
    I hired Lambeth Cleaning last week to steam clean my carpets, rugs, flooring, sofa and curtains and they did a fantastic job. I knew they were good because many people had recommended them but I sure was not expecting anything as good as this, it looks amazing now. Everyone that has been to my house over the last few days has noticed what a remarkable difference it has made. I'm so happy with these results and will definitely be using this company again in the future. If anyone is looking for a cleaner right now, you have to hire this company, you will not be disappointed!  
    Having a professional domestic cleaner for my home has made my life so much easier! I was always worrying about what my home looked like and it was causing me a lot of stress. My cleaner from Lambeth Cleaning handles all of my house cleaning without a fuss, and I couldn't do anywhere near as thorough and professional job! Friends always comment on the cleanliness of my home and I have lots more free time and - most importantly - I don't have to worry or stress about the state of my house! This is a very affordable company and very friendly, I fully recommend them!  
    As a single man sharing a house with 4 other bachelors, we are not particularly bothered about taking our shoes off in the home. As a result, our carpets got very dirty very quickly and we noticed this when we were moving some furniture around and saw the original colour and state of the carpet. We hired a carpet cleaning service offered by Lambeth Cleaning and were very pleased to see how quickly they were able to come. They cleaned all of our carpets and made them look and feel as good as new - now we don't even want to keep our shoes on since the carpet feels so soft!  
Vince Jones27/03/2014
    I needed a cleaning company that could provide professional cleaning on a routine basis for my office. I saw an advertisement for Lambeth Cleaning and decided to give them a call. It seemed they were able to meet the schedule of my business and provide a thorough clean. They have years of expertise and can take care of any mess. I am really happy with my decision and recommend them to anybody looking for a reliable office clean. Their prices are affordable and their service is comprehensive. Thanks for the great service!  
Anne Peterson18/02/2014
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