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Spring Cleaning At The End Of Your Lease 10 September 2014
Spring Cleaning At The End Of Your Lease

Spring cleaning rented accommodation at the end of lease is always a good move to make, not only should it impress your landlord but also it should help to secure a deposit back payment.Most tenants pay this deposit to cover things such as repairs within the property for damage caused by you or for redecoration if the property is left in poor condition or it may be forfeited to pay for the cost of cleaners. Instead of falling short stay ahead of the game and do what you agreed to at the start of your tenancy, most agreements will include all of the above but it’s probably best to check yours so that you know exactly what is expected of you.Spring cleaning at the end of lease is not difficult as long as you have regularly maintained a good standard of cleanliness however if you feel that the property has been a little neglected lately and could do with a more thorough clean than a regular spring clean then you may want to consider hiring help instead. Whatever you do, do not ignore the situation because it could mean that you end up losing out, the cost of agency cleaners is more likely to be less that the cost of your initial deposit so it makes sense to use them (If need be) rather than ignoring the situation and losing more money.So, are you ready to clean? Where to start... One room at a time!It little brush over room by room is probably not going to cut it, especially if you have rented the property for quite some time.Time may be limited but a room by room clean is the ideal way to tackle this situation. Sometimes there may only be a couple of rooms that need extra attention like kitchens and bathrooms, so allow more time to work on those and do the rest when you have a spare half an hour or so, in amongst the hassles of packing and moving.It may be better to do the cleaning once the property is empty because you get a clear view of what you are faced with, but if this is not possible then just do it as you go along remembering to fit it all into your schedule.If furnishings and carpets are included within the rental, it will be your responsibility to ensure that they look as they did, when you arrived. It may be your best option to use professional agency cleaners if the job seems too much to take on and you have very little time to do it, agency cleaners can offer fast, reliable and effective cleaning services for tenants moving out and they generally offer the better results, however this will depend of the current state of the property and whether or not you feel it’s worth the bother.Do not worry about spending money to clean the property (even if you have to hire cleaners) you may be thinking that it’s not worth paying money since you are moving, but it’s actually the opposite to that. If a landlord is not happy with the condition that the property is left in at the end of a lease, they may withheld your deposit to pay for the big clean, now what is the point of allowing landlords to take control of your money to pay for the job that you could have done. If money is tight right now, why not ask for the deposit back early and tell the landlord that you want to use some of the money to pay for cleaning and repairs, you never know he may agree.

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