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Clean Windows Quickly, Easily, Effectively! 03 December 2014
Clean Windows Quickly, Easily, Effectively!

After the long winter months, you probably want to clean the windows of the house so they look shiny and transparent like new. The winter storms aren`t the greatest factor that makes the windows dirty and stained. It`s also the everyday staining from winds, rain, ash in the air, the difference in the air temperature, the sunlight and a myriad of other factors that provide the main emphasis. The variety of cleaning methods is enormous as well. From a professional cleaning company and numerous complimentary services like cleaning the windows and the doors, to homemade cleaning solutions that can reach the effectiveness of the professional ones - just found the best way to freshen the windows and enjoy the true bright of the sunlight! This will make the atmosphere cozier, warmer and more comfortable for living, and next are few advices for cleaning the windows.1. By calling your local cleaning agency. There is no doubt - the professional cleaners have their own cleaning solutions and detergents, which are especially orientated for cleaning windows. Among the myriad of detergents and solutions, you have to choose the right ones and that`s often overwhelming. You have to read the labels of all the detergents on the shelves and there may be several shelves with cleaning detergents in the market. Instead, the professional cleaning services are optimized and they guarantee the right choice of cleaning method, equipment and detergents as well. 2. Cleaning by yourself, only with hot water, soft brush and clean towels. Yet that`s the most common way to clean windows quickly, because it`s the easiest way too. Just get a couple of bowls with hot water - one with clean water and another one for the water to clean the towels. A sponge isn`t recommended, because it often leaves traces over the surface of the window or in the worst cases - it can cause tiny scratches onto the surface of the window. If the windows are not very dirty from the outer side - just a hot water wash might be enough. Freshen the tower with clean water every few minutes or when needed and leave the windows to dry completely.3. Via universal cleaning solution from the market. They are sold almost everywhere within the domestic cleaning sector and they can do the job very well too. For dirtier windows from their outer sides - spray the solution onto the top of the window and strive to clean only this half of the window. For windows with bigger surfaces - also begin from the highest section but divide it into three or more imaginary sections. This will prevent the sprayed solution from drying, especially on warm sunny days with a direct sunlight over the windows.4. Create your own cleaning solution. For massive stains and traces from birds, insects and other blemishes - you should definitely use a method for stronger cleaning. The simplest and easiest mixture is also water-based, but this time add a few teaspoons of vinegar. When cleaning the inner side of the windows - a greater idea is to add a very tiny amount of deodorizer or sanitizer. Use again clean towels and perhaps a soft brush for the most persistent stains. The main goal is to clean only the heaviest spots, while cleaning the rest of the window in the meantime. After a couple of hours, repeat again and this time use a squeegee with slow motions from top to down. Polish again the glass with a dry clean towel to ensure the finest finish and don`t forget to treat the window frames with the same homemade solution.

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